Psalm 30 A psalm of David. A song for committing the completed temple to God. 30 1Lord, I will give you honor. You brought me out of deep trouble. You didn’t give my enemies the joy of seeing me die. 2Lord my God, I called out to you for help. And you healed me. 3Lord, you brought me up from the edge of the grave. You kept me from going down into the pit.   4Sing to the Lord, you who are faithful to him. Praise him, because his name is holy. 5His anger lasts for only a moment. But his favor lasts for a person’s whole life. Sobbing can remain through the night. But joy comes in the morning.   6When I felt safe, I said, “I will always be secure.” 7Lord, when you showed me your favor, you made my mountain stand firm. But when you turned your face away from me, I was terrified.   8Lord, I called out to you. I cried to you for your favor. 9I said, “What good will come if I die? What good will come if I go down into the grave? Can the dust of my dead body praise you? Can it tell how faithful you are? 10Lord, hear me. Show me your favor. Lord, help me.”   11You turned my loud crying into dancing. You removed my black clothes and dressed me with joy. 12So my heart will sing to you. I can’t keep silent. Lord, my God, I will give you thanks forever.
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