20 1Wine causes you to make fun of others, and beer causes you to start fights. Anyone who is led down the wrong path by them is not wise.   2A king’s anger is like a lion’s roar. Anyone who makes him angry may lose his life.   3Avoiding a fight brings honor to a man. But every foolish person is quick to argue.   4Anyone who refuses to work doesn’t plow in the right season. When he looks for a crop at harvest time, he doesn’t find it.   5The purposes of a man’s heart are like deep water. But a man who has understanding brings them out.   6Many claim to have love that never fails. But who can find a faithful man?   7Anyone who does what is right lives without blame. Blessed are his children after him.   8A king sits on his throne to judge. He gets rid of all evil when he sees it.   9No one can say, “I have kept my heart pure. I’m clean. I haven’t sinned.”   10The Lord hates two things. He hates weights that weigh things heavier or lighter than they really are. He also hates measures that measure things larger or smaller than they really are.   11A child is known by his actions. He is known by whether his conduct is pure and right.   12The Lord has made two things. He has made ears that hear. He has also made eyes that see.   13Don’t love sleep, or you will become poor. Stay awake, and you will have more food than you need.   14“It’s no good. It’s no good!” says a buyer. Then off he goes and brags about what he bought.   15There is gold. There are plenty of rubies. But lips that speak knowledge are a priceless jewel.   16Take the coat of one who puts up money for what a stranger owes. Hold it until you get paid back if he does it for a woman who commits adultery.   17Food gained by cheating tastes sweet to a man. But he will end up with a mouth full of sand.   18Make plans by asking for guidance. If you go to war, get good advice.   19A person who talks about others tells secrets. So avoid anyone who talks too much.   20If anyone calls down curses on his father or mother, his lamp will be blown out in total darkness.   21Property you gain quickly at the beginning will not be blessed in the end.   22Don’t say, “I’ll get even with you for the wrong you did to me!” Wait for the Lord, and he will save you.   23The Lord hates weights that weigh things heavier or lighter than they really are. Scales that are not honest don’t please him.   24The Lord directs a man’s steps. So how can anyone understand his own way?   25A man is trapped if he makes a hasty promise to God and only later thinks about what he said.   26A wise king gets rid of evil people. He runs the threshing wheel over them.   27The lamp of the Lord searches a man’s heart. It searches deep down inside him.   28Love and truth keep a king safe. Faithful love makes his throne secure.   29Young men are proud of their strength. Gray hair brings honor to old men.   30Blows and wounds wash evil away. And beatings make you pure deep down inside.
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