11 1The Lord hates it when people use scales to cheat others. But he is delighted when people use honest weights.   2When pride comes, shame follows. But wisdom comes to those who are not proud.   3Those who do what is right are guided by their honest lives. But those who aren’t faithful are destroyed by their trickery.   4Wealth isn’t worth anything when God judges you. But doing what is right saves you from death.   5The ways of honest people are made straight because they do what is right. But those who do what is wrong are brought down by their own sins.   6Godly people are saved by doing what is right. But those who aren’t faithful are trapped by evil longings.   7When an evil man dies, his hope dies with him. Everything he expected to gain from his power will be lost.   8Those who do right are saved from trouble. But trouble comes on those who do wrong.   9With their words ungodly people destroy their neighbors. But those who do what is right escape because of their knowledge.   10When those who do right succeed, their city is glad. When those who do wrong die, people shout for joy.   11The blessing of honest people builds up a city. But the words of sinners destroy it.   12A person who has no sense makes fun of his neighbor. But a man who has understanding controls his tongue.   13Those who talk about others tell secrets. But those who can be trusted keep things to themselves.   14Without the guidance of good leaders a nation falls. But many good advisers can save it.   15Anyone who puts up money for what someone else owes will certainly suffer. But a person who doesn’t agree to pay up for someone else is safe.   16A woman who has a kind heart gains respect. But men who are not kind gain only wealth.   17A kind man benefits himself. But a mean person brings trouble on himself.   18Those who do what is wrong really earn nothing. But those who plant what is right will certainly be rewarded.   19Right living leads to life. But anyone who runs after evil will die.   20The Lord hates those whose hearts are twisted. But he is pleased with those who live without blame.   21You can be sure that sinners will be punished. And you can also be sure that godly people will go free.   22A beautiful woman who has no sense is like a gold ring in a pig’s nose.   23What godly people long for ends only in what is good. But what sinners hope for ends only in God’s anger.   24Some give freely but get even richer. Others don’t give what they should but get even poorer.   25Anyone who gives a lot will succeed. Anyone who renews others will be renewed.   26People call down curses on those who store up grain for themselves. But blessing makes those who are willing to sell feel like kings.   27Anyone who looks for what is good finds favor. But bad things happen to a person who plans to do evil.   28Those who trust in their riches will fall. But those who do right will be as healthy as a green leaf.   29Those who bring trouble on their families will receive nothing but wind. And foolish people will serve wise people.   30The fruit that godly people bear is like a tree of life. And those who lead others to do what is right are wise.   31Godly people get what they should get on earth. So ungodly people and sinners will certainly get what they should get!
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