27 1Job continued to speak. He said,   2“God hasn’t treated me fairly. The Mighty One has made my spirit bitter. You can be sure that God lives. And here’s something else you can be sure of. 3As long as I have life and God gives me breath, 4my mouth won’t say evil things. My lips won’t tell lies. 5I’ll never admit you people are right. Until I die, I’ll say I’m telling the truth. 6I’ll continue to say I’m right. I’ll never let go of that. I won’t blame myself as long as I live.   7“May my enemies suffer like sinful people! May my attackers be punished like those who aren’t fair! 8What hope do ungodly people have when their lives are cut off? What hope do they have when God takes away their lives? 9God won’t listen to their cry when trouble comes on them. 10They won’t take delight in the Mighty One. They’ll never call out to God.   11“I’ll teach all of you about God’s power. I won’t hide the things the Mighty One does. 12You have seen those things yourselves. So why do you continue your useless talk?   13“Here’s what God does to sinful people. Here’s what those who are mean receive from the Mighty One. 14All of their children will be killed with swords. They’ll never have enough to eat. 15A plague will kill those who are left alive. The widows of sinful men won’t even sob over their own children. 16Sinners might store up silver like dust and clothes like piles of clay. 17But people who do what is right will wear those clothes. People who haven’t done anything wrong will divide up that silver. 18The house an evil person builds is like a moth’s cocoon. It’s like a hut that’s made by someone on guard duty. 19Sinful people lie down wealthy, but their wealth is taken away. When they open their eyes, everything is gone. 20Terrors sweep over them like a flood. A storm takes them away during the night. 21The east wind carries them off, and they are gone. It sweeps them out of their houses. 22It blows against them without mercy. They try to escape from its power. 23It claps its hands and makes fun of them. It hisses them out of their houses.
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