A Hymn of Thanksgiving A psalm of David. 138 1Lord, I will thank you with all my heart; I will sing to you before the gods. 2I will bow down facing your holy Temple, and I will thank you for your love and loyalty. You have made your name and your word greater than anything. 3On the day I called to you, you answered me. You made me strong and brave.   4Lord, let all the kings of the earth praise you when they hear the words you speak. 5They will sing about what the Lord has done, because the Lord’s glory is great.   6Though the Lord is supreme, he takes care of those who are humble, but he stays away from the proud. 7Lord, even when I have trouble all around me, you will keep me alive. When my enemies are angry, you will reach down and save me by your power. 8Lord, you do everything for me. Lord, your love continues forever. Do not leave us, whom you made.
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