A Prayer for Victory A song. A psalm of David. 108 1God, my heart is steady. I will sing and praise you with all my being. 2Wake up, harp and lyre! I will wake up the dawn. 3Lord, I will praise you among the nations; I will sing songs of praise about you to all the nations. 4Your great love reaches to the skies, your truth to the heavens. 5God, you are supreme above the skies. Let your glory be over all the earth.   6Answer us and save us by your power so the people you love will be rescued. 7God has said from his Temple, “When I win, I will divide Shechem and measure off the Valley of Succoth. 8Gilead and Manasseh are mine. Ephraim is like my helmet. Judah holds my royal scepter. 9Moab is like my washbowl. I throw my sandals at Edom. I shout at Philistia.”   10Who will bring me to the strong, walled city? Who will lead me to Edom? 11God, surely you have rejected us; you do not go out with our armies. 12Help us fight the enemy. Human help is useless, 13but we can win with God’s help. He will defeat our enemies.
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