A David Psalm 68 1Up with God! Down with his enemies! Adversaries, run for the hills! 2Gone like a puff of smoke, like a blob of wax in the fire— one look at God and the wicked vanish. 3When the righteous see God in action they’ll laugh, they’ll sing, they’ll laugh and sing for joy. 4Sing hymns to God; all heaven, sing out; clear the way for the coming of Cloud–Rider. Enjoy God, cheer when you see him!   5Father of orphans, champion of widows, is God in his holy house. 6God makes homes for the homeless, leads prisoners to freedom, but leaves rebels to rot in hell.   7God, when you took the lead with your people, when you marched out into the wild, 8Earth shook, sky broke out in a sweat; God was on the march. Even Sinai trembled at the sight of God on the move, at the sight of Israel’s God. 9You pour out rain in buckets, O God; thorn and cactus become an oasis 10For your people to camp in and enjoy. You set them up in business; they went from rags to riches.   11The Lord gave the word; thousands called out the good news: 12“Kings of the armies are on the run, on the run!” 13While housewives, safe and sound back home, divide up the plunder, the plunder of Canaanite silver and gold. 14On that day that Shaddai scattered the kings, snow fell on Black Mountain.   15You huge mountains, Bashan mountains, mighty mountains, dragon mountains. 16All you mountains not chosen, sulk now, and feel sorry for yourselves, For this is the mountain God has chosen to live on; he’ll rule from this mountain forever.   17The chariots of God, twice ten thousand, and thousands more besides, The Lord in the lead, riding down Sinai— straight to the Holy Place! 18You climbed to the High Place, captives in tow, your arms full of booty from rebels, And now you sit there in state, God, sovereign God!   19Blessed be the Lord— day after day he carries us along. 20He’s our Savior, our God, oh yes! He’s God–for–us, he’s God–who–saves–us. Lord God knows all death’s ins and outs. 21What’s more, he made heads roll, split the skulls of the enemy As he marched out of heaven, 22saying, “I tied up the Dragon in knots, put a muzzle on the Deep Blue Sea.” 23You can wade through your enemies’ blood, and your dogs taste of your enemies from your boots.   24See God on parade to the sanctuary, my God, my King on the march! 25Singers out front, the band behind, maidens in the middle with castanets. 26The whole choir blesses God. Like a fountain of praise, Israel blesses God. 27Look—little Benjamin’s out front and leading Princes of Judah in their royal robes, princes of Zebulon, princes of Naphtali. 28Parade your power, O God, the power, O God, that made us what we are. 29Your temple, High God, is Jerusalem; kings bring gifts to you. 30Rebuke that old crocodile, Egypt, with her herd of wild bulls and calves, Rapacious in her lust for silver, crushing peoples, spoiling for a fight. 31Let Egyptian traders bring blue cloth and Cush come running to God, her hands outstretched.   32Sing, O kings of the earth! Sing praises to the Lord! 33There he is: Sky–Rider, striding the ancient skies. Listen—he’s calling in thunder, rumbling, rolling thunder. 34Call out “Bravo!” to God, the High God of Israel. His splendor and strength rise huge as thunderheads.   35A terrible beauty, O God, streams from your sanctuary. It’s Israel’s strong God! He gives power and might to his people! O you, his people—bless God!
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