(By David for the music leader. To the tune “Lilies.”) God Can Be Trusted 69 1Save me, God! I am about to drown. 2I am sinking deep in the mud, and my feet are slipping. I am about to be swept under by a mighty flood. 3I am worn out from crying, and my throat is dry. I have waited for you till my eyes are blurred.   4 There are more people who hate me for no reason than there are hairs on my head. Many terrible enemies want to destroy me, God. Am I supposed to give back something I didn't steal? 5You know my foolish sins. Not one is hidden from you.   6LORD God All-Powerful, ruler of Israel, don't let me embarrass anyone who trusts and worships you. 7It is for your sake alone that I am insulted and blush with shame. 8I am like a stranger to my relatives and like a foreigner to my own family.   9 My love for your house burns in me like a fire, and when others insult you, they insulted me as well. 10I cried and went without food,[K] but they still insulted me. 11They sneered at me for wearing sackcloth[L] to show my sorrow. 12Rulers and judges gossip about me, and drunkards make up songs to mock me.   13But I pray to you, LORD. So when the time is right, answer me and help me with your wonderful love. 14Don't let me sink in the mud, but save me from my enemies and from the deep water. 15Don't let me be swept away by a flood or drowned in the ocean or swallowed by death.   16Answer me, LORD! You are kind and good. Pay attention to me! You are truly merciful. 17Don't turn away from me. I am your servant, and I am in trouble. Please hurry and help! 18Come and save me from my enemies.   19You know how I am insulted, mocked, and disgraced; you know every one of my enemies. 20I am crushed by insults, and I feel sick. I had hoped for mercy and pity, but there was none. 21 Enemies poisoned my food, and when I was thirsty, they gave me vinegar.   22 Make their table a trap for them and their friends. 23Blind them with darkness and make them tremble. 24Show them how angry you are! Be furious and catch them. 25 Destroy their camp and don't let anyone live in their tents.   26They cause trouble for people you have already punished; their gossip hurts those you have wounded. 27Make them guiltier than ever and don't forgive them. 28 Wipe their names from the book of the living; remove them from the list of the innocent. 29I am mistreated and in pain. Protect me, God, and keep me safe!   30I will praise the LORD God with a song and a thankful heart. 31This will please the LORD better than offering an ox or a full-grown bull. 32When those in need see this, they will be happy, and the LORD's worshipers will be encouraged. 33The LORD will listen when the homeless cry out, and he will never forget his people in prison.   34Heaven and earth will praise our God, and so will the oceans and everything in them. 35God will rescue Jerusalem, and he will rebuild the towns of Judah. His people will live there on their own land, 36and when the time comes, their children will inherit the land. Then everyone who loves God will also settle there.
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