RCUV Cover
Publisher: Hong Kong Bible Society

修中国联盟的传统版本是1919年中国联盟版本的更新,提供现代化,更新语言的许多实例,同时仍保留了广受欢迎的和合本圣经的准确性。在制作的RCUV二十七年,是一个期待已久的圣经翻译和欢迎,至今已有近30 carefuly由来自世界各地的学者和圣经翻译修改。

The traditional version of the Revised Chinese Union is an update of the 1919 Chinese Union Version, providing numerous instances of modern, updated language while still retaining the biblical accuracy of the wildly popular CUV. Twenty-seven years in the making, the RCUV is a long-anticipated and much welcomed Bible translation that has been carefuly revised by nearly thirty biblical scholars and translators from all over the world.