6 1Where has your lover gone, O woman of rare beauty? Which way did he turn so we can help you find him?   Young Woman   2My lover has gone down to his garden, to his spice beds, to browse in the gardens and gather the lilies. 3I am my lover’s, and my lover is mine. He browses among the lilies.   Young Man   4You are beautiful, my darling, like the lovely city of Tirzah. Yes, as beautiful as Jerusalem, as majestic as an army with billowing banners. 5Turn your eyes away, for they overpower me. Your hair falls in waves, like a flock of goats winding down the slopes of Gilead. 6Your teeth are as white as sheep that are freshly washed. Your smile is flawless, each tooth matched with its twin.[M] 7Your cheeks are like rosy pomegranates behind your veil.   8Even among sixty queens and eighty concubines and countless young women, 9I would still choose my dove, my perfect one– the favorite of her mother, dearly loved by the one who bore her. The young women see her and praise her; even queens and royal concubines sing her praises: 10“Who is this, arising like the dawn, as fair as the moon, as bright as the sun, as majestic as an army with billowing banners?”   11I went down to the grove of walnut trees and out to the valley to see the new spring growth, to see whether the grapevines had budded or the pomegranates were in bloom. 12Before I realized it, I found myself in the royal chariot with my beloved.[N]   Young Women of Jerusalem   13[O]Return, return to us, O maid of Shulam. Come back, come back, that we may see you again.   Young Man   Why do you stare at this young woman of Shulam, as she moves so gracefully between two lines of dancers?[P]
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