7 1The king says to the Shulammite woman,   “You are like a prince’s daughter. Your feet in sandals are so beautiful. Your graceful legs are like jewels. The hands of a skilled worker must have shaped them. 2Your navel is like a round bowl that always has mixed wine in it. Your waist is like a mound of wheat that is surrounded by lilies. 3Your two breasts are lovely. They are like two young antelopes. 4Your neck is smooth and beautiful like an ivory tower. Your eyes are like the pools of Heshbon by the gate of Bath Rabbim. Your nose is like the towering mountains of Lebanon that face the city of Damascus. 5Your head is like a crown on you. It is as beautiful as Mount Carmel. Your hair is as smooth as purple silk. I am captured by your flowing curls. 6You are so beautiful! You please me so much! You are so delightful, my love! 7You are as graceful as a palm tree. Your breasts are as sweet as the freshest fruit. 8I said, ‘I will climb the palm tree. I’ll take hold of its fruit.’ May your breasts be as sweet as the fruit on the vine. May your breath smell like the tastiest apples. 9May your lips be like the finest wine.”   The woman says,   “May my wine go straight to you, my love. May it flow gently over our lips as we sleep.   10“I belong to you, my love. And you long for me. 11Come, my love. Let’s go to the country. Let’s spend the night in the villages. 12Let’s go out to the vineyards early. Let’s go and see if the vines have budded. Let’s find out whether their flowers have opened. Let’s see if the pomegranate trees are blooming. I’ll make love to you in the vineyards. 13The mandrake flowers give off their strong smell. All of the best things are waiting for us, new and old alike. I’ve stored them up for you, my love.
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