Psalm 6 For the director of music. For sheminith. A psalm of David to be played on stringed instruments. 6 1Lord, don’t correct me when you are angry. Don’t punish me when you are burning with anger. 2Lord, have mercy on me. I’m so weak. Lord, heal me. My body is full of pain. 3My soul is very troubled. Lord, how long will it be until you save me?   4Lord, turn to me and help me. Save me. Your love never fails. 5People can’t remember you when they are dead. How can they praise you when they are in the grave?   6My groaning has worn me out. All night long my tears flood my bed. My bed is wet because of my crying. 7I’m so sad I can’t see very well. My eyesight gets worse because of all of my enemies.   8Get away from me, all of you who do evil. The Lord has heard my sobbing. 9The Lord has heard my cry for his favor. The Lord accepts my prayer. 10All of my enemies will be troubled and put to shame. They will turn back in dishonor. It will happen suddenly.
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