Psalm 45 For the director of music. A maskil of the Sons of Korah. A wedding song to the tune of “Lilies.” 45 1My heart is full of beautiful words as I say my poem for the king. My tongue is like the pen of a skillful writer.   2You are the most excellent of men. Your lips have been given the ability to speak gracious words. God has blessed you forever. 3Mighty one, put your sword at your side. Put on glory and majesty as if they were your clothes. 4In your majesty ride out with power in honor of what is true and right. Do it in honor of all those who are not proud. Let your right hand do wonderful things. 5Shoot your sharp arrows into the hearts of your enemies. Let the nations come under your control. 6Your throne is the very throne of God. Your kingdom will last for ever and ever. You will rule by treating everyone fairly. 7You love what is right and hate what is evil. So your God has placed you above your companions. He has filled you with joy by pouring the sacred oil on your head. 8Myrrh and aloes and cassia make all of your robes smell good. In palaces decorated with ivory the music played on stringed instruments makes you glad. 9Daughters of kings are among the women you honor. At your right hand is the royal bride dressed in gold from Ophir.   10Royal bride, listen. Think about this and pay attention to it. Forget about your people and the home you came from. 11The king is charmed by your beauty. Honor him. He is now your master. 12The people of Tyre will come with gifts. Wealthy people will try to gain your favor.   13The princess comes into the palace in all her glory. Her gown has gold threads running through it. 14Dressed in beautiful clothes, she is led to the king. Her virgin companions follow her and are brought to him. 15They are led in with joy and gladness. They enter the palace of the king.   16Your sons will rule just as your father and grandfather did. You will make them princes through the whole land. 17I will make sure that people will always remember you. The nations will praise you for ever and ever.
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