Psalm 44 For the director of music. A maskil of the Sons of Korah. 44 1God, we have heard what you did. Those who came before us have told us what you did in their days, in days long ago. 2With your powerful hand you drove out the nations. You settled our people in the land. You crushed the people who were there. And you made our people do well. 3They didn’t win the land with their swords. They didn’t gain success with their powerful arms. Your powerful right hand and your mighty arm gave them success. You looked on them with favor. You loved them.   4You are my King and my God. You give success to the people of Jacob. 5With your help we push our enemies back. By your power we walk all over them. 6I don’t trust in my bow. My sword doesn’t bring me success. 7But you give us success over our enemies. You put them to shame. 8All day long we talk about how great God is. We will praise your name forever.Selah   9But now you have turned your back on us and made us low. You don’t march out with our armies anymore. 10You made us turn and run from our enemies. They have taken what belongs to us. 11You handed us over to be eaten up like sheep. You have scattered us among the nations. 12You sold your people for very little. You didn’t gain anything when you sold them.   13You have made us something that our neighbors laugh at. Those who live around us make fun of us and tease us. 14The nations make jokes about us. They shake their heads at us. 15All day long I am reminded of my shame. My face is covered with it 16because of those who laugh at me and attack me with their words. They want to get even with me.   17All of this happened to us, even though we had not forgotten you. We had been true to the covenant you made with us. 18Our hearts had not turned away from you. Our feet had not wandered from your path. 19But you crushed us and left us to the wild dogs. You covered us over with deep darkness.   20We didn’t forget our God. We didn’t spread out our hands in prayer to a strange god. 21If we had, God would have discovered it. He knows the secrets of our hearts. 22But because of you, we face death all day long. We are considered as sheep to be killed.   23Lord, wake up! Why are you sleeping? Get up! Don’t say no to us forever. 24Why do you turn your face away from us? Why do you forget our pain and troubles?   25We are brought down to the dust. Our bodies lie flat on the ground. 26Rise up and help us. Save us because of your faithful love.
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