Psalm 16 A miktam of David. 16 1God, keep me safe. I go to you for safety.   2I said to the Lord, “You are my Lord. Without you, I don’t have anything that is good.” 3God’s people who live in our land are glorious. I take great delight in them. 4Those who run after other gods will have nothing but trouble. I will not pour out offerings of blood to those gods. My lips will not speak their names.   5Lord, everything you have given me is good. You have made my life secure. 6I am very pleased with what you have given me. I am very happy with what I’ve received from you.   7I will praise the Lord. He gives me good advice. Even at night my heart teaches me. 8I know that the Lord is always with me. He is at my right hand. I will always be secure.   9So my heart is glad. Joy is on my tongue. My body also will be secure. 10You will not leave me in the grave. You will not let your faithful one rot away. 11You always show me the path that leads to life. You will fill me with joy when I am with you. You will give me endless pleasures at your right hand.
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