Psalm 111 111 1Praise the Lord.   I will praise the Lord with all my heart. I will praise him where honest people gather for worship.   2The Lord has done great things. All who take delight in what he has done will spend time thinking about it. 3What he does shows his glory and majesty. He will always do what is right. 4The Lord causes his miracles to be remembered. He is kind and tender. 5He provides food for those who have respect for him. He remembers his covenant forever. 6He has shown his people what his power can do. He has given them the lands of other nations. 7He is faithful and right in everything he does. All his rules can be trusted. 8They will stand firm for ever and ever. They were given by the Lord. He is faithful and honest. 9He set his people free. He made a covenant with them that will last forever. His name is holy and wonderful.   10If you really want to become wise, you must begin by having respect for the Lord. All those who follow his rules have good understanding. People should praise him forever.
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