19 1It is better to be poor and to live without blame than to be foolish and to twist words around.   2It isn’t good to get all stirred up without knowledge. And it isn’t good to be in a hurry and miss the way.   3A man’s own foolish acts destroy his life. But his heart is angry with the Lord.   4Wealth brings many friends. But the friends of poor people leave them alone.   5A dishonest witness will be punished. And those who pour out lies will not go free.   6Many try to win the favor of rulers. And everyone is the friend of a man who gives gifts.   7A poor person is avoided by his whole family. His friends avoid him even more. The poor person runs after them to beg. But he can’t find them.   8Anyone who gets wisdom loves himself. Anyone who values understanding succeeds.   9A dishonest witness will be punished. And those who pour out lies will die.   10It isn’t proper for a foolish person to live in great comfort. And it is much worse when a slave rules over princes!   11A man’s wisdom makes him patient. He will be honored if he forgives someone who sins against him.   12A king’s anger is like a lion’s roar. But his favor is like dew on the grass.   13If a child is foolish, he destroys his father. A nagging wife is like dripping that never stops.   14You will receive houses and wealth from your parents. But a wise wife is given by the Lord.   15Anyone who doesn’t want to work sleeps his life away. And a person who refuses to work goes hungry.   16Those who obey what they are taught guard their lives. But those who don’t care how they live will die.   17Anyone who is kind to poor people lends to the Lord. God will reward him for what he has done.   18Train your child. Then there is hope. Don’t do anything to bring about his death.   19Anyone who burns with anger must pay for it. If you save him, you will have to do it again.   20Listen to advice and accept what you are taught. In the end you will be wise.   21A man may have many plans in his heart. But the Lord’s purpose wins out in the end.   22Every man longs for love that never fails. It is better to be poor than to be a liar.   23Having respect for the Lord leads to life. Then you will be content and free from trouble.   24A person who doesn’t want to work leaves his hand in the dish. He won’t even bring it back up to his mouth!   25If you whip a person who makes fun of others, childish people will learn to be wise. If you warn someone who already understands what is right, he will gain even more knowledge.   26A child who robs his father and drives out his mother brings shame and dishonor.   27My son, if you stop listening to what I teach you, you will wander away from the words of knowledge.   28A dishonest witness makes fun of what is right. The mouths of those who do wrong gulp down evil.   29Those who make fun of others will be judged. Foolish people will be punished.
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