12 1Anyone who loves to be trained loves knowledge. Anyone who hates to be corrected is stupid.   2The Lord blesses anyone who does good. But he judges any man who is tricky.   3If a man does what is evil, he can’t become strong and steady. But if people do what is right, they can’t be removed from the land.   4A noble wife is her husband’s crown. But a wife who brings shame is like sickness in his bones.   5The plans of godly people are right. But the advice of sinners will lead you the wrong way.   6The words of those who are evil hide and wait to spill people’s blood. But the speech of those who are honest saves them from traps like that.   7Sinners are destroyed and taken away. But the houses of godly people stand firm.   8A man is praised for how wise he is. But people hate those who have twisted minds.   9Being nobody and having a servant is better than pretending to be somebody and having no food.   10Those who do what is right take good care of their animals. But the kindest acts of those who do wrong are mean.   11Anyone who farms his land will have plenty of food. But a person who chases dreams has no sense.   12Those who do what is wrong want to steal from others. But those who do what is right bear good fruit because of their deep roots.   13A sinner is trapped by his sinful talk. But a godly person escapes trouble.   14Many good things come from what a man says. And the work of his hands rewards him.   15The way of a foolish person seems right to him. But a wise person listens to advice.   16Foolish people are easily upset. But wise people pay no attention to hurtful words.   17An honest witness tells the truth. But a dishonest witness tells lies.   18Thoughtless words cut like a sword. But the tongue of wise people brings healing.   19Truthful words last forever. But lies last for only a moment.   20There are lies in the hearts of those who plan evil. But there is joy for those who work to bring peace.   21No harm comes to godly people. But sinners have all the trouble they can handle.   22The Lord hates those whose lips tell lies. But he is pleased with people who tell the truth.   23Wise people keep their knowledge to themselves. But the hearts of foolish people shout foolish things.   24Hands that work hard will rule. But people who don’t want to work will become slaves.   25Worry makes a man’s heart heavy. But a kind word cheers him up.   26Godly people are careful about the friends they choose. But the way of sinners leads them down the wrong path.   27Anyone who refuses to work doesn’t even cook what he catches. But a man who works hard values what he has.   28There is life in doing what is right. Along that path you will never die.
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