Becoming “Clean” After Having a Baby 12 1The Lord spoke to Moses. He said, 2“Speak to the people of Israel. Tell them, ‘Suppose a woman becomes pregnant and has a baby boy. Then she will be “unclean” for seven days. It is the same as when she is “unclean” during her monthly period. 3On the eighth day the boy must be circumcised. 4“ ‘After that, the woman must wait for 33 days to be made pure from her bleeding. She must not touch anything that is sacred until the 33 days are over. During that time she must not go to the sacred tent. 5“ ‘But suppose she has a baby girl. Then she will be “unclean” for two weeks. It is the same as during her period. After the two weeks, she must wait for 66 days to be made pure from her bleeding. 6“ ‘After she has waited the required number of days to be made pure, she must bring two offerings. She must take them to the priest at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting. She must bring a lamb that is a year old for a burnt offering. She must also bring a young pigeon or a dove for a sin offering. 7The priest must offer them to the Lord. They will pay for her sin. Then she will be “clean” from her bleeding. “ ‘Those are the rules for a woman who has a baby boy or girl. 8“ ‘But suppose she can’t afford a lamb. Then she must bring two doves or two young pigeons. One is for a burnt offering. The other is for a sin offering. The priest will sacrifice those offerings. That will pay for her sin. And she will be “clean.’ ”
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