The First Speech of Bildad 8 1Then Bildad the Shuhite replied,   2“Job, how long will you talk like that? Your words don’t have any meaning. 3Does God ever treat people unfairly? Does the Mighty One make what is wrong appear to be right? 4Your children sinned against him. So he punished them for their sin. 5But look to God. Make your appeal to the Mighty One. 6Be pure and honest. And he will rise up and help you now. He’ll return you to the place where you belong. 7In the past, things went well with you. But in days to come, things will get even better.   8“Find out what your people who lived long ago taught. Discover what those who lived before them learned. 9After all, we were born only yesterday. So we don’t know anything. Our days on this earth are like a shadow that disappears. 10Won’t your people of long ago teach you and tell you? Won’t the things they said help you understand? 11Can grass grow tall where there isn’t any swamp? Can plants grow well where there isn’t any water? 12While they are still growing and haven’t been cut, they dry up faster than grass does. 13The same thing happens to everyone who forgets God. The hope of ungodly people dies out. 14What they trust in is very weak. What they depend on is like a spider’s web. 15A person leans on it, but it falls apart. He holds on to it, but it gives way. 16He is like a plant in the sunshine that receives plenty of water. It spreads its new growth all over the garden. 17It wraps its roots around a pile of rocks. It tries to find places to grow among the stones. 18But when a plant is pulled up from its spot, that place says, ‘I never saw you.’ 19The life of that plant is sure to dry up. But from the same soil other plants will grow.   20“I’m sure God doesn’t turn his back on anyone who is honest. And he doesn’t help those who do what is evil. 21He will fill your mouth with laughter. Shouts of joy will come from your lips. 22Your enemies will put on shame as if it were clothes. The tents of sinful people will be gone.”
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