The Speech of Elihu 32 1So the three men stopped answering Job, because he thought he was right. 2But Elihu the Buzite burned with anger against Job. That’s because Job said he himself was right instead of God. Elihu was the son of Barakel. He was from the family of Ram. 3Elihu’s anger also burned against Job’s three friends. They hadn’t found any way to prove that Job was wrong. But they still said he was guilty. 4Elihu had waited before he spoke to Job. That’s because the others were older than he was. 5But he saw that the three men didn’t have anything more to say. So he burned with anger. 6Elihu the Buzite, the son of Barakel, said,   “I’m young, and you are old. So I was afraid to tell you what I know. 7I thought, ‘Those who are older should speak first. Those who have lived for many years should teach people how to be wise.’ 8But the spirit in people gives them understanding. The breath of the Mighty One gives them wisdom. 9Older people aren’t the only ones who are wise. They aren’t the only ones who understand what is right.   10“So I’m saying you should listen to me. I’ll tell you what I know. 11I waited while you men spoke. I listened to your reasoning. While you were searching for words, 12I paid careful attention to you. But not one of you has proved that Job is wrong. None of you has answered his arguments. 13Don’t claim, ‘We have enough wisdom to answer Job.’ Let God, not a mere man, prove that he’s wrong. 14Job hasn’t directed his words against me. I won’t answer him with your arguments.   15“Job, those men are afraid. They don’t have anything else to say. They’ve run out of words. 16Do I have to keep on waiting, now that they are silent? They are just standing there with nothing to say. 17I too have something to say. I too will tell what I know. 18I’m full of words. My spirit inside me forces me to speak. 19Inside I’m like wine that is bottled up. I’m like new wineskins ready to burst. 20I must speak so I can feel better. I must open my mouth and reply. 21I’ll treat everyone the same. I won’t praise anyone without meaning it. 22If I weren’t honest when I praised people, my Maker would soon take me from this life.
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