Job Wishes He Had Never Been Born 3 1After a while, Job opened his mouth to speak. He called down a curse on the day he had been born. 2He said,   3“May the day I was born be wiped out. May the night be wiped away when people said, ‘A boy is born!’ 4May that day turn into darkness. May God in heaven not care about it. May no light shine on it. 5May darkness and deep shadow take it back. May a cloud settle over it. May blackness cover up its light. 6May deep darkness take over the night I was born. May it not be included among the days of the year. May it never appear in any of the months. 7May no children ever have been born on that night. May no shout of joy be heard in it. 8May people call down a curse on that day. May those who are ready to wake up the sea monster Leviathan curse that day. 9May its morning stars become dark. May it lose all hope of ever seeing daylight. May it not see the first light of the morning sun. 10It didn’t keep my mother from letting me be born. It didn’t keep my eyes from seeing trouble.   11“Why didn’t I die when I was born? Why didn’t I die as I came out of my mother’s body? 12Why was I placed on her knees? Why did her breasts give me milk? 13If all of that hadn’t happened, I would be lying down in peace. I’d be asleep and at rest in the grave. 14I’d be with the earth’s kings and advisers. They had built for themselves places that are now destroyed. 15I’d be with rulers who used to have gold. They had filled their houses with silver. 16Why wasn’t I buried like a baby who was born dead? Why wasn’t I buried like a child who never saw the light of day? 17In the grave, sinful people don’t cause trouble anymore. And there those who are tired find rest. 18Prisoners also enjoy peace there. They don’t hear a slave driver shouting at them anymore. 19The least important and most important people are there. And there the slaves are set free from their owners.   20“Why is the light that leads to life given to those who suffer? Why is it given to those whose spirits are bitter? 21Why is life given to those who long for death that doesn’t come? Why is it given to those who would rather search for death than for hidden treasure? 22Why is life given to those who are actually happy and glad when they reach the grave? 23Why is life given to a man like me? God hasn’t told me what will happen to me. He has surrounded me with nothing but trouble. 24I sigh instead of eating food. Groans pour out of me like water. 25What I was afraid of has come on me. What I worried about has happened to me. 26I don’t have any peace and quiet. I can’t find any rest. All I have is trouble.”
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