28 1“There are mines where silver is found. There are places where gold is purified. 2Iron is taken out of the earth. Copper is melted down from ore. 3A miner lights up the darkness. He searches for ore in the deepest pits. He looks for it in the blackest darkness. 4Far from where people live he cuts a tunnel. He does it in places where others don’t go. Far away from people he swings back and forth on ropes. 5Food grows on the surface of the earth. But far below, the earth is changed as if by fire. 6Sapphires are taken from its rocks. Its dust contains nuggets of gold. 7No bird knows the miner’s hidden path. No falcon’s eye has seen it. 8Proud animals don’t walk on it. Lions don’t prowl there. 9The miner attacks the hardest rock. His strong hands uncover the base of the mountains. 10He tunnels through the rock. His eyes see all of its treasures. 11He searches the places where the rivers begin. He brings hidden things out into the light.   12“And where can wisdom be found? Where does understanding live? 13No one knows how much it’s worth. It can’t be found anywhere in the world. 14The ocean says, ‘It’s not in me.’ The sea says, ‘It’s not here either.’ 15It can’t be bought with the finest gold. Its price can’t be weighed out in silver. 16It can’t be bought with gold from Ophir. It can’t be bought with priceless onyx or sapphires. 17Gold or crystal can’t compare with it. It can’t be bought with jewels made of gold. 18Don’t bother to talk about coral and jasper. Wisdom is worth far more than rubies. 19A topaz from Cush can’t compare with it. It can’t be bought with the purest gold.   20“So where does wisdom come from? Where does understanding live? 21It’s hidden from the eyes of every living thing. Even the birds of the air can’t find it. 22Death and the Grave say, ‘Only reports about it have reached our ears.’ 23But God understands the way to it. He’s the only one who knows where it lives. 24He sees from one end of the earth to the other. He views everything in the world. 25He made the mighty wind. He measured out the waters. 26He gave orders for the rain to fall. He made paths for the thunderstorms. 27Then he looked at wisdom and set its price. He established it and put it to the test. 28He said to human beings, ‘Have respect for me. That will prove you are wise. Avoid evil. That will show you have understanding.’ ”
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