64 1I wish you would open up your heavens and come down to us! I wish the mountains would tremble when you show your power! 2Be like a fire that causes twigs to burn. It also makes water boil. So come down and make yourself known to your enemies. Cause the nations to shake with fear when they see your power! 3Long ago you did some wonderful things we didn’t expect. You came down, and the mountains trembled when you showed your power. 4No one’s ears have ever heard of a God like you. No one’s eyes have ever seen a God who is greater than you. No God but you acts for the good of those who trust in him. 5You come to help those who enjoy doing what is right. You help those who thank you for teaching them how to live. But when we continued to disobey you, you became angry with us. So how can we be saved? 6All of us have become like someone who is “unclean.” All of the good things we do are like polluted rags to you. All of us are like leaves that have dried up. Our sins sweep us away like the wind. 7No one prays to you. No one asks you for help. You have turned your face away from us. You have let us waste away because we have sinned so much.   8Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay. You are the potter. Your hands made all of us. 9Don’t be so angry with us, Lord. Don’t remember our sins anymore. Please show us your favor. All of us belong to you. 10Your sacred cities have become a desert. Even Zion is a desert. Jerusalem is a dry and empty place. 11Our people used to praise you in our holy and glorious temple. But now it has been burned down. Everything we treasured has been destroyed. 12Lord, won’t you help us even after everything that’s happened? Will you keep silent and punish us more than we can stand?
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