Israel Will Be Saved 27 1At that time   the Lord will punish Leviathan with his sword. His great, powerful and deadly sword will punish the serpent that glides through the sea. He will kill that twisting sea monster.   2At that time the Lord will sing about his fruitful vineyard. He will say,   3“I am the Lord. I watch over my vineyard. I water it all the time. I guard it day and night. I do it so no one can harm it. 4I am not angry with my vineyard. I wish thorns and bushes would come up in it. Then I would march out against them in battle. I would set all of them on fire. 5So the enemies of my people had better come to me for safety. They should make peace with me. I will say it again. They should make peace with me.”   6In days to come, Jacob’s people will put down roots like a vine. Israel will bud and bloom. They will fill the whole world with fruit.   7The Lord struck down those who struck Israel down. But he hasn’t punished Israel as much. The Lord killed those who killed many of his people. But he hasn’t punished his people as much. 8The Lord will use war to punish Israel. He will make them leave their land. With a strong blast of his anger he will drive them out. It will be as if the east wind were blowing. 9The people of Jacob will have to pay for their sin. That must happen in order for their sin to be taken away. They will make all of the altar stones like chalk. They will crush them to pieces. No poles that had been used to worship the goddess Asherah will be left standing. No incense altars will be left either. 10Cities that have high walls around them will become empty. They will be deserted settlements. They will be like a desert. Calves will eat and lie down in them. They will strip the branches of their trees bare. 11When their twigs are dry, they will be broken off. Then women will come and make fires with them. The people of Jacob don’t understand the Lord. So the One who made them won’t be concerned about them. Their Creator won’t show them his favor.   12At that time the Lord will separate Israel from other people. He will gather the Israelites together. He will gather them one by one from the Euphrates River all the way to the Wadi of Egypt. 13At that time a loud trumpet will be blown. Those who were dying in Assyria will come and worship the Lord. So will those who were taken away to Egypt. All of them will worship the Lord on his holy mountain in Jerusalem.
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