Habakkuk Prays to the Lord 3 1This is a prayer of the prophet Habakkuk. It is on shigionoth. Here is what he said.   2Lord, I know how famous you are. I have great respect for you because of your mighty acts. Do them again for us. Make them known in our time. When you are angry, please show us your tender love.   3God, you came from Teman. You, the Holy One, came from Mount Paran. Selah Your glory covered the heavens. Your praise filled the earth. 4Your glory was like the sunrise. Rays of light flashed from your mighty hand. Your power was hidden there. 5You sent plagues ahead of you. Sickness followed behind you. 6When you stood up, the earth shook. When you looked at the nations, they trembled with fear. The age-old mountains crumbled. The ancient hills fell down. Your mighty acts will last forever. 7I saw the tents of Cushan in trouble. The people of Midian were suffering greatly.   8Lord, did your anger burn against the rivers? Were you angry with the streams? Were you angry with the Red Sea? You rode your horses and chariots to overcome it. 9You got your bow ready to use. You asked for many arrows.Selah You broke up the surface of the earth with rivers. 10The mountains saw you and shook. Floods of water swept by. The sea roared. It lifted its waves high.   11The sun and moon stood still in the sky. They stopped because your flying arrows flashed by. Your gleaming spear shone like lightning. 12When you were angry, you marched across the earth. Because of your anger you destroyed the nations. 13You came out to set your people free. You saved your chosen ones. You crushed Pharaoh, the leader of that evil land of Egypt. You stripped him from head to foot.Selah 14His soldiers rushed out to scatter us. They were laughing at us. They thought they would easily destroy us. They saw us as weak people who were trying to hide. So you wounded Pharaoh’s head with his own spear. 15Your horses charged into the Red Sea. They stirred up the great waters.   16I listened and my heart pounded. My lips trembled at the sound. My bones seemed to rot. And my legs shook. But I will be patient. I’ll wait for the day of trouble to come on Babylonia. It’s the nation that is attacking us. 17The fig trees might not bud. The vines might not produce any grapes. The olive crop might fail. The fields might not produce any food. There might not be any sheep in the pens. There might not be any cattle in the barns. 18But I will still be glad because of what the Lord has done. God my Savior fills me with joy.   19The Lord and King gives me strength. He makes my feet like the feet of a deer. He helps me walk on the highest places.   This prayer is for the director of music. It should be sung while being accompanied by stringed instruments.
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