The God Who Always Wins For the director of music. With stringed instruments. A psalm of Asaph. A song. 76 1People in Judah know God; his fame is great in Israel. 2His Tent is in Jerusalem; his home is on Mount Zion. 3There God broke the flaming arrows, the shields, the swords, and the weapons of war.Selah   4God, how wonderful you are! You are more splendid than the hills full of animals. 5The brave soldiers were stripped as they lay asleep in death. Not one warrior had the strength to stop it. 6God of Jacob, when you spoke strongly, horses and riders fell dead. 7You are feared; no one can stand against you when you are angry. 8From heaven you gave the decision, and the earth was afraid and silent. 9God, you stood up to judge and to save the needy people of the earth.Selah 10People praise you for your anger against evil. Those who live through your anger are stopped from doing more evil.   11Make and keep your promises to the Lord your God. From all around, gifts should come to the God we worship. 12God breaks the spirits of great leaders; the kings on earth fear him.
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