Praise to God the King A psalm of praise. Of David. 145 1I praise your greatness, my God the King; I will praise you forever and ever. 2I will praise you every day; I will praise you forever and ever. 3The Lord is great and worthy of our praise; no one can understand how great he is.   4Parents will tell their children what you have done. They will retell your mighty acts, 5wonderful majesty, and glory. And I will think about your miracles. 6They will tell about the amazing things you do, and I will tell how great you are. 7They will remember your great goodness and will sing about your fairness.   8The Lord is kind and shows mercy. He does not become angry quickly but is full of love. 9The Lord is good to everyone; he is merciful to all he has made. 10Lord, everything you have made will praise you; those who belong to you will bless you. 11They will tell about the glory of your kingdom and will speak about your power. 12Then everyone will know the mighty things you do and the glory and majesty of your kingdom. 13Your kingdom will go on and on, and you will rule forever.   The Lord will keep all his promises; he is loyal to all he has made. 14The Lord helps those who have been defeated and takes care of those who are in trouble. 15All living things look to you for food, and you give it to them at the right time. 16You open your hand, and you satisfy all living things.   17Everything the Lord does is right. He is loyal to all he has made. 18The Lord is close to everyone who prays to him, to all who truly pray to him. 19He gives those who respect him what they want. He listens when they cry, and he saves them. 20The Lord protects everyone who loves him, but he will destroy the wicked.   21I will praise the Lord. Let everyone praise his holy name forever.
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