NahumGod Will Punish Assyria 1 1This is the message for the city of Nineveh.[A] This is the book of the vision of Nahum, who was from the town of Elkosh. The Lord Is Angry with Nineveh   2The Lord is a jealous God who punishes; the Lord punishes and is filled with anger. The Lord punishes those who are against him, and he stays angry with his enemies. 3The Lord does not become angry quickly, and his power is great. The Lord will not let the guilty go unpunished. Where the Lord goes, there are whirlwinds and storms, and the clouds are the dust beneath his feet. 4He speaks to the sea and makes it dry; he dries up all the rivers. The areas of Bashan and Carmel dry up, and the flowers of Lebanon dry up. 5The mountains shake in front of him, and the hills melt. The earth trembles when he comes; the world and all who live in it shake with fear. 6No one can stay alive when he is angry; no one can survive his strong anger. His anger is poured out like fire; the rocks are smashed by him.   7The Lord is good, giving protection in times of trouble. He knows who trusts in him. 8But like a rushing flood, he will completely destroy Nineveh; he will chase his enemies until he kills them.   9The Lord will completely destroy anyone making plans against him. Trouble will not come a second time. 10Those people will be like tangled thorns or like people drunk from their wine; they will be burned up quickly like dry weeds. 11Someone has come from Nineveh who makes evil plans against the Lord and gives wicked advice.   12This is what the Lord says:   “Although Assyria is strong and has many people, it will be defeated and brought to an end. Although I have made you suffer, Judah, I will make you suffer no more. 13Now I will free you from their control and tear away your chains.”   14The Lord has given you this command, Nineveh:   “You will not have descendants to carry on your name. I will destroy the idols and metal images that are in the temple of your gods. I will make a grave for you, because you are wicked.”   15Look, there on the hills, someone is bringing good news! He is announcing peace! Celebrate your feasts, people of Judah, and give your promised sacrifices to God. The wicked will not come to attack you again; they have been completely destroyed.
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