Job Curses His Birth 3 1After seven days Job cried out and cursed the day he had been born, 2saying:   3“Let the day I was born be destroyed, and the night it was said, ‘A boy is born!’ 4Let that day turn to darkness. Don’t let God care about it. Don’t let light shine on it. 5Let darkness and gloom have that day. Let a cloud hide it. Let thick darkness cover its light. 6Let thick darkness capture that night. Don’t count it among the days of the year or put it in any of the months. 7Let that night be empty, with no shout of joy to be heard. 8Let those who curse days curse that day. Let them prepare to wake up the sea monster Leviathan. 9Let that day’s morning stars never appear; let it wait for daylight that never comes. Don’t let it see the first light of dawn, 10because it allowed me to be born and did not hide trouble from my eyes.   11“Why didn’t I die as soon as I was born? Why didn’t I die when I came out of the womb? 12Why did my mother’s knees receive me, and my mother’s breasts feed me? 13If they had not been there, I would be lying dead in peace; I would be asleep and at rest 14with kings and wise men of the earth who built places for themselves that are now ruined. 15I would be asleep with rulers who filled their houses with gold and silver. 16Why was I not buried like a child born dead, like a baby who never saw the light of day? 17In the grave the wicked stop making trouble, and the weary workers are at rest. 18In the grave there is rest for the captives who no longer hear the shout of the slave driver. 19People great and small are in the grave, and the slave is freed from his master.   20“Why is light given to those in misery? Why is life given to those who are so unhappy? 21They want to die, but death does not come. They search for death more than for hidden treasure. 22They are very happy when they get to the grave. 23They cannot see where they are going. God has hidden the road ahead. 24I make sad sounds as I eat; my groans pour out like water. 25Everything I feared and dreaded has happened to me. 26I have no peace or quietness. I have no rest, only trouble.”
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