Israel Was Punished for Its Sin 50 1This is what the Lord says:   “People of Israel, you say I divorced your mother. Then where is the paper that proves it? Or do you think I sold you to pay a debt? Because of the evil things you did, I sold you. Because of the times she turned against me, your mother was sent away. 2I came home and found no one there; I called, but no one answered. Do you think I am not able to save you? Do I not have the power to save you? Look, I need only to shout and the sea becomes dry. I change rivers into a desert, and their fish rot because there is no water; they die of thirst. 3I can make the skies dark; I can make them black like clothes of sadness.”   God’s Servant Obeys   4The Lord God gave me the ability to teach so that I know what to say to make the weak strong. Every morning he wakes me. He teaches me to listen like a student. 5The Lord God helps me learn, and I have not turned against him nor stopped following him. 6I offered my back to those who beat me. I offered my cheeks to those who pulled my beard. I won’t hide my face from them when they make fun of me and spit at me. 7The Lord God helps me, so I will not be ashamed. I will be determined, and I know I will not be disgraced. 8He shows that I am innocent, and he is close to me. So who can accuse me? If there is someone, let us go to court together. If someone wants to prove I have done wrong, he should come and tell me. 9Look! It is the Lord God who helps me. So who can prove me guilty? Look! All those who try will become useless like old clothes; moths will eat them.   10Who among you fears the Lord and obeys his servant? That person may walk in the dark and have no light. Then let him trust in the Lord and depend on his God. 11But instead, some of you want to light your own fires and make your own light. So, go, walk in the light of your fires, and trust your own light to guide you. But this is what you will receive from me: You will lie down in a place of pain.
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