Assyria Will Defeat Egypt and Cush 20 1Sargon king of Assyria sent a military commander to Ashdod to attack that city. So the commander attacked and captured it. 2Then the Lord spoke through Isaiah son of Amoz, saying, “Take the rough cloth off your body, and take your sandals off your feet.” So Isaiah obeyed and walked around naked and barefoot. 3Then the Lord said, “Isaiah my servant has walked around naked and barefoot for three years as a sign against Egypt and Cush. 4The king of Assyria will carry away prisoners from Egypt and Cush. Old people and young people will be led away naked and barefoot, with their buttocks bare. So the Egyptians will be shamed. 5People who looked to Cush for help will be afraid, and those who were amazed by Egypt’s glory will be shamed. 6People who live near the sea will say, ‘Look at those countries. We trusted them to help us. We ran to them so they would save us from the king of Assyria. So how will we be able to escape?’ ”
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