Israel Will Be Destroyed 6 1How terrible it will be for those who have an easy life in Jerusalem, for those who feel safe living on Mount Samaria. You think you are the important people of the best nation in the world; the Israelites come to you for help. 2Go look at the city of Calneh, and from there go to the great city Hamath; then go down to Gath of the Philistines. You are no better than these kingdoms. Your land is no larger than theirs. 3You put off the day of punishment, but you bring near the day when you can do evil to others. 4You lie on beds decorated with ivory and stretch out on your couches. You eat tender lambs and fattened calves. 5You make up songs on your harps, and, like David, you compose songs on musical instruments. 6You drink wine by the bowlful and use the best perfumed lotions. But you are not sad over the ruin of Israel, 7so you will be some of the first ones taken as slaves. Your feasting and lying around will come to an end.   8The Lord God made this promise; the Lord God All-Powerful says:   “I hate the pride of the Israelites, and I hate their strong buildings, so I will let the enemy take the city and everything in it.”   9At that time there might be only ten people left alive in just one house, but they will also die. 10When the relatives come to get the bodies to take them outside, one of them will call to the other and ask, “Are there any other dead bodies with you?” That person will answer, “No.” Then the one who asked will say, “Hush! We must not say the name of the Lord.   11The Lord has given the command; the large house will be broken into pieces, and the small house into bits. 12Horses do not run on rocks, and people do not plow rocks with oxen. But you have changed fairness into poison; you have changed what is right into a bitter taste. 13You are happy that the town of Lo Debar was captured, and you say, “We have taken Karnaim[C] by our own strength.”   14The Lord God All-Powerful says, “Israel, I will bring a nation against you that will make your people suffer from Lebo Hamath in the north to the valley south of the Dead Sea.”
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