3 JohnHelp Christians Who Teach Truth 1 1From the Elder.[A] To my dear friend Gaius, whom I love in the truth:[B] 2My dear friend, I know your soul is doing fine, and I pray that you are doing well in every way and that your health is good. 3I was very happy when some brothers and sisters[C] came and told me about the truth in your life and how you are following the way of truth. 4Nothing gives me greater joy than to hear that my children are following the way of truth. 5My dear friend, it is good that you help the brothers and sisters, even those you do not know. 6They told the church about your love. Please help them to continue their trip in a way worthy of God. 7They started out in service to Christ, and they have been accepting nothing from nonbelievers. 8So we should help such people; when we do, we share in their work for the truth. 9I wrote something to the church, but Diotrephes, who loves to be their leader, will not listen to us. 10So if I come, I will talk about what Diotrephes is doing, about how he lies and says evil things about us. But more than that, he refuses to accept the other brothers and sisters; he even stops those who do want to accept them and puts them out of the church. 11My dear friend, do not follow what is bad; follow what is good. The one who does good belongs to God. But the one who does evil has never known God. 12Everyone says good things about Demetrius, and the truth agrees with what they say. We also speak well of him, and you know what we say is true. 13I have many things I want to write you, but I do not want to use pen and ink. 14I hope to see you soon and talk face to face. 15Peace to you. The friends here greet you. Please greet each friend there by name.
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