PSALM 60[J] Lament After Defeat in Battle 60 1For the leader; according to “The Lily of.…” A miktam of David (for teaching), 2when he fought against Aram–Naharaim and Aram–Zobah; and Joab, coming back, killed twelve thousand Edomites in the Valley of Salt. I 3O God, you rejected us, broke our defenses; you were angry but now revive us. 4You rocked the earth, split it open; repair the cracks for it totters. 5You made your people go through hardship, made us stagger from the wine you gave us. 6Raise up a banner for those who revere you, a refuge for them out of bow shot.Selah 7[K]Help with your right hand and answer us that your loved ones may escape. II 8[L]In the sanctuary God promised: “I will exult, will apportion Shechem; the valley of Succoth[M] I will measure out. 9Gilead is mine, mine is Manasseh; Ephraim is the helmet for my head, Judah, my own scepter.[N] 10[O]Moab is my washbowl; upon Edom I cast my sandal.[P] I will triumph over Philistia.”   III 11Who will bring me to the fortified city?[Q] Who will lead me into Edom? 12Was it not you who rejected us, God? Do you no longer march with our armies? 13Give us aid against the foe; worthless is human help. 14We will triumph with the help of God, who will trample down our foes.
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