CHAPTER 31 Against the Egyptian Alliance 31   1Ah! Those who go down to Egypt for help, who rely on horses; Who put their trust in chariots because of their number, and in horsemen because of their combined power, But look not to the Holy One of Israel nor seek the LORD![P] 2Yet he too is wise and will bring disaster; he will not turn from his threats. He will rise up against the house of the wicked and against those who help evildoers. 3The Egyptians are human beings, not God, their horses flesh, not spirit; When the LORD stretches forth his hand, the helper shall stumble, the one helped shall fall, and both of them shall perish together. 4For thus says the LORD to me: As a lion or its young growling over the prey, With a band of shepherds assembled against it, Is neither dismayed by their shouts nor cowed by their noise, So shall the LORD of hosts come down to wage war upon Mount Zion, upon its height. 5Like hovering birds, so the LORD of hosts shall shield Jerusalem, To shield and deliver, to spare and rescue.   6Return, O Israelites, to him whom you have utterly deserted. 7On that day each one of you shall reject his idols of silver and gold, which your hands have made. 8Assyria shall fall by a sword, not wielded by human being, no mortal sword shall devour him; He shall flee before the sword, and his young men shall be impressed as laborers. 9He shall rush past his crag[Q] in panic, and his princes desert the standard in terror, Says the LORD who has a fire in Zion and a furnace in Jerusalem.  
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