At the Bottom of the Sea 2 1Then Jonah prayed to his God from the belly of the fish. 2He prayed:   “In trouble, deep trouble, I prayed to God. He answered me. From the belly of the grave I cried, ‘Help!’ You heard my cry. 3You threw me into ocean’s depths, into a watery grave, With ocean waves, ocean breakers crashing over me. 4I said, ‘I’ve been thrown away, thrown out, out of your sight. I’ll never again lay eyes on your Holy Temple.’ 5Ocean gripped me by the throat. The ancient Abyss grabbed me and held tight. My head was all tangled in seaweed 6at the bottom of the sea where the mountains take root. I was as far down as a body can go, and the gates were slamming shut behind me forever— Yet you pulled me up from that grave alive, O God, my God! 7When my life was slipping away, I remembered God, And my prayer got through to you, made it all the way to your Holy Temple. 8Those who worship hollow gods, god–frauds, walk away from their only true love. 9But I’m worshiping you, God, calling out in thanksgiving! And I’ll do what I promised I’d do! Salvation belongs to God!   10Then God spoke to the fish, and it vomited up Jonah on the seashore.
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