Don’t Blame Fate When Things Go Wrong 5 1“Call for help, Job, if you think anyone will answer! To which of the holy angels will you turn? 2The hot temper of a fool eventually kills him, the jealous anger of a simpleton does her in. 3I’ve seen it myself—seen fools putting down roots, and then, suddenly, their houses are cursed. 4Their children out in the cold, abused and exploited, with no one to stick up for them. 5Hungry people off the street plunder their harvests, cleaning them out completely, taking thorns and all, insatiable for everything they have. 6Don’t blame fate when things go wrong— trouble doesn’t come from nowhere. 7It’s human! Mortals are born and bred for trouble, as certainly as sparks fly upward.   What a Blessing When God Corrects You!   8“If I were in your shoes, I’d go straight to God, I’d throw myself on the mercy of God. 9After all, he’s famous for great and unexpected acts; there’s no end to his surprises. 10He gives rain, for instance, across the wide earth, sends water to irrigate the fields. 11He raises up the down–and–out, gives firm footing to those sinking in grief. 12He aborts the schemes of conniving crooks, so that none of their plots come to term. 13He catches the know–it–alls in their conspiracies— all that intricate intrigue swept out with the trash! 14Suddenly they’re disoriented, plunged into darkness; they can’t see to put one foot in front of the other. 15But the downtrodden are saved by God, saved from the murderous plots, saved from the iron fist. 16And so the poor continue to hope, while injustice is bound and gagged.   17“So, what a blessing when God steps in and corrects you! Mind you, don’t despise the discipline of Almighty God! 18True, he wounds, but he also dresses the wound; the same hand that hurts you, heals you. 19From one disaster after another he delivers you; no matter what the calamity, the evil can’t touch you—   20“In famine, he’ll keep you from starving, in war, from being gutted by the sword. 21You’ll be protected from vicious gossip and live fearless through any catastrophe. 22You’ll shrug off disaster and famine, and stroll fearlessly among wild animals. 23You’ll be on good terms with rocks and mountains; wild animals will become your good friends. 24You’ll know that your place on earth is safe, you’ll look over your goods and find nothing amiss. 25You’ll see your children grow up, your family lovely and lissome as orchard grass. 26You’ll arrive at your grave ripe with many good years, like sheaves of golden grain at harvest.   27“Yes, this is the way things are—my word of honor! Take it to heart and you won’t go wrong.”     Job Replies to Eliphaz
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