17 1“My spirit is broken, my days used up, my grave dug and waiting. 2See how these mockers close in on me? How long do I have to put up with their insolence?   3“O God, pledge your support for me. Give it to me in writing, with your signature. You’re the only one who can do it! 4These people are so useless! You know firsthand how stupid they can be. You wouldn’t let them have the last word, would you? 5Those who betray their own friends leave a legacy of abuse to their children.   6“God, you’ve made me the talk of the town— people spit in my face; 7I can hardly see from crying so much; I’m nothing but skin and bones. 8Decent people can’t believe what they’re seeing; the good–hearted wake up and insist I’ve given up on God.   9“But principled people hold tight, keep a firm grip on life, sure that their clean, pure hands will get stronger and stronger!   10“Maybe you’d all like to start over, to try it again, the bunch of you. So far I haven’t come across one scrap of wisdom in anything you’ve said. 11My life’s about over. All my plans are smashed, all my hopes are snuffed out— 12My hope that night would turn into day, my hope that dawn was about to break. 13If all I have to look forward to is a home in the graveyard, if my only hope for comfort is a well–built coffin, 14If a family reunion means going six feet under, and the only family that shows up is worms, 15Do you call that hope? Who on earth could find any hope in that? 16No. If hope and I are to be buried together, I suppose you’ll all come to the double funeral!”   Bildad’s Second Attack
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