41 1He brought me into the Temple itself and measured the doorposts on each side. Each was ten and a half feet thick. 2The entrance was seventeen and a half feet wide. The walls on each side were eight and three–quarters feet thick. He also measured the Temple Sanctuary: seventy feet by thirty–five feet. 3He went further in and measured the doorposts at the entrance: Each was three and a half feet thick. The entrance itself was ten and a half feet wide, and the entrance walls were twelve and a quarter feet thick. 4He measured the inside Sanctuary, thirty–five feet square, set at the end of the main Sanctuary. He told me, “This is The Holy of Holies.” 5He measured the wall of the Temple. It was ten and a half feet thick. The side rooms around the Temple were seven feet wide. 6There were three floors of these side rooms, thirty rooms on each of the three floors. There were supporting beams around the Temple wall to hold up the side rooms, but they were freestanding, not attached to the wall itself. 7The side rooms around the Temple became wider from first floor to second floor to third floor. A staircase went from the bottom floor, through the middle, and then to the top floor. 8I observed that the Temple had a ten–and–a–half–foot–thick raised base around it, which provided a foundation for the side rooms. 9The outside walls of the side rooms were eight and three–quarters feet thick. The open area between the side rooms of the Temple 10and the priests’ rooms was a thirty–five–foot–wide strip all around the Temple. 11There were two entrances to the side rooms from the open area, one placed on the north side, the other on the south. There were eight and three–quarters feet of open space all around. 12The house that faced the Temple courtyard to the west was one hundred twenty–two and a half feet wide, with eight–and–three–quarters–foot–thick walls. The length of the wall and building was one hundred fifty–seven and a half feet. 13He measured the Temple: one hundred seventy–five feet long. The Temple courtyard and the house, including its walls, measured a hundred seventy–five feet. 14The breadth of the front of the Temple and the open area to the east was a hundred seventy–five feet. 15He measured the length of the house facing the courtyard at the back of the Temple, including the shelters on each side: one hundred seventy–five feet. The main Sanctuary, the inner Sanctuary, and the vestibule facing the courtyard 16were paneled with wood, and had window frames and door frames in all three sections. From floor to windows the walls were paneled. 17Above the outside entrance to the inner Sanctuary and on the walls at regular intervals all around the inner Sanctuary and the main Sanctuary, 18angel–cherubim and palm trees were carved in alternating sequence. Each angel-cherub had two faces: 19a human face toward the palm tree on the right and the face of a lion toward the palm tree on the left. They were carved around the entire Temple. 20The cherubim–palm tree motif was carved from floor to door height on the wall of the main Sanctuary. 21The main Sanctuary had a rectangular doorframe. In front of the Holy Place was something that looked like 22an altar of wood, five and a quarter feet high and three and a half feet square. Its corners, base, and sides were of wood. The man said to me, “This is the table that stands before God. 23Both the main Sanctuary and the Holy Place had double doors. 24Each door had two leaves: two hinged leaves for each door, one set swinging inward and the other set outward. 25The doors of the main Sanctuary were carved with angel–cherubim and palm trees. There was a canopy of wood in front of the vestibule outside. 26There were narrow windows alternating with carved palm trees on both sides of the porch.
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