19 1When God, your God, throws the nations out of the country that God, your God, is giving you and you settle down in their cities and houses, 2you are to set aside three easily accessible cities in the land that God, your God, is giving you as your very own. 3Divide your land into thirds, this land that God, your God, is giving you to possess, and build roads to the towns so that anyone who accidentally kills another can flee there. 4This is the guideline for the murderer who flees there to take refuge: He has to have killed his neighbor without premeditation and with no history of bad blood between them. 5For instance, a man goes with his neighbor into the woods to cut a tree; he swings the ax, the head slips off the handle and hits his neighbor, killing him. He may then flee to one of these cities and save his life. 6If the city is too far away, the avenger of blood racing in hot–blooded pursuit might catch him since it’s such a long distance, and kill him even though he didn’t deserve it. It wasn’t his fault. There was no history of hatred between them. 7Therefore I command you: Set aside the three cities for yourselves. 8When God, your God, enlarges your land, extending its borders as he solemnly promised your ancestors, by giving you the whole land he promised them 9because you are diligently living the way I’m commanding you today, namely, to love God, your God, and do what he tells you all your life; and when that happens, then add three more to these three cities 10so that there is no chance of innocent blood being spilled in your land. God, your God, is giving you this land as an inheritance—you don’t want to pollute it with innocent blood and bring bloodguilt upon yourselves. 11On the other hand, if a man with a history of hatred toward his neighbor waits in ambush, then jumps him, mauls and kills him, and then runs to one of these cities, that’s a different story. 12The elders of his own city are to send for him and have him brought back. They are to hand him over to the avenger of blood for execution. 13Don’t feel sorry for him. Clean out the pollution of wrongful murder from Israel so that you’ll be able to live well and breathe clean air.   14Don’t move your neighbor’s boundary markers, the longstanding landmarks set up by your pioneer ancestors defining their property.   15You cannot convict anyone of a crime or sin on the word of one witness. You need two or three witnesses to make a case. 16If a hostile witness stands to accuse someone of a wrong, 17then both parties involved in the quarrel must stand in the Presence of God before the priests and judges who are in office at that time. 18The judges must conduct a careful investigation; if the witness turns out to be a false witness and has lied against his fellow Israelite, 19give him the same medicine he intended for the other party. Clean the polluting evil from your company. 20People will hear of what you’ve done and be impressed; that will put a stop to this kind of evil among you. 21Don’t feel sorry for the person: It’s life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.  
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