A Sense of Pride 42 1On the other hand, it is possible to sin by giving in to other people too much. Here are some things you should not be ashamed of: 2the Law of the Most High and his covenant, judging even godless people fairly, 3sharing expenses with a business partner or a traveling companion, sharing an inheritance, 4using accurate weights and measures, 5making a profit, whether great or small, bargaining with a merchant, disciplining your children often, beating a disloyal slave until the blood flows. 6It is wise to lock things up if you cannot trust your wife or if too many people are around. 7Keep an accurate record of any deposits you make or of anything you give or receive. 8Don't hesitate to correct someone who is acting foolishly or an old man who goes around with prostitutes. All of this is worthwhile advice, and if you follow it, everyone will approve of your behavior. Fathers and Daughters 9 Although he will not let his daughter know it, a father will lie awake at night worrying about her. If she is young, he worries that she might not get married. If she is already married, he worries about her happiness. 10If she is a virgin, he worries that she might be seduced and become pregnant while living in his house. If she is married, he worries that she might be unfaithful, or that she might not be able to have children. 11Keep a close watch over your daughter if she is determined to have her own way. If you don't, she may make a fool of you in front of your enemies. You will be a constant joke to everyone in town, a public disgrace. Make sure that her room has no windows or any place where she can look out to the entrance of the house.[Z] 12Don't let her show off her beauty in front of men, or spend her time talking with the women.[A] 13Women hurt other women just as moths damage clothing. 14A man's wickedness is better than a woman's goodness; women bring shame and disgrace. The Glory of God in Nature 15Now I will remind you of the works of the Lord and describe the things I have seen. The words of the Lord brought his works into being, and the whole creation obeys his commands. 16The light of the sun shines down on everything, and everything is filled with the Lord's glory. 17Not even to his holy angels has the Lord given power to describe all his mighty deeds, even though he has given them power to stand unharmed in his glorious presence.[B] 18He sees into the oceans and into the human heart, and he knows the secrets of both. The Most High knows everything that can be known and understands the signs of the ages. 19He knows all that has ever been and all that ever will be; he uncovers the deepest of mysteries. 20He takes notice of our every thought and hears our every word. 21The orderly world shows the greatness of his wisdom; he is the same forever and ever.[C] Nothing can be added to him, and nothing taken away; he needs no one to give him advice. 22All his works are beautiful, down to the smallest and faintest spark of light.[D] 23All these things go on forever, and all of them have their purpose. 24All things are in pairs, each the opposite of the other, but nothing the Lord made is incomplete. 25Everything completes the goodness of something else. Could anyone ever see enough of this splendor?
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