Problems Caused by Money 31 1Worrying about money will make you lose weight and lose sleep. 2Worrying about business[A] will keep you from sleeping just as surely as a serious illness does. 3Rich people work hard to make a lot of money; then they can sit back and live in luxury. 4Poor people work hard and have nothing to show for it, and when they rest, they are still poor. 5No one who loves money can be judged innocent; his efforts to get rich have led him into sin.[B] 6Many people have been ruined because of money, brought face-to-face with disaster. 7Money is a trap for those who are fascinated by it, a trap that every fool falls into. 8A person who gets rich without sinfully chasing after money is fortunate. 9Do you know anyone like that? If so, we will congratulate him for performing a miracle that no one else has ever been able to do. 10If anyone has ever passed this test, he can well be proud. Has anyone ever known that he could get away with cheating someone, and not taken advantage of it? 11If so, he deserves his wealth, and everyone will praise him for his generosity. Behavior at Dinner Parties 12When you sit down at a fancy banquet, don't let your mouth hang open, and don't say, “Look at all that food!” 13It is impolite to have a greedy eye; remember that. Nothing in creation is greedier than the eye; that is why it sheds tears so often.[C] 14Don't reach out for everything you see, and don't elbow people out of the way to get at the food. 15Be considerate of the other people at the table and treat them the way you want to be treated. 16When you get your food, eat it like a human being. Don't smack and slurp; nobody can stand that. 17It's good manners to be the first to stop eating; stuffing yourself is offensive. 18If there are many people present, don't try to be the first to be served. 19A little bit is plenty for anyone with good manners. Besides, you won't be short of breath when you go to bed. 20People who eat too much get stomach aches and cannot sleep. If you don't overeat, you can get a good night's sleep and wake up early the next morning feeling fine. 21But if you do get a stomach ache from eating too much, go off and vomit[D] and you will feel better. 22My child, if you listen to what I am saying and put it into practice, one of these days you will thank me for it. Be moderate[E] in everything you do, and you will never get sick. 23People appreciate a generous host, and he deserves their praise. 24But everybody in town will complain about a host who is stingy with food, and their complaints are justified. 25Don't try to prove your manhood by how much you can drink. Wine has been the ruin of many. 26An arrogant person's character shows through when he is in a drunken argument, in the same way that iron is tested when it is heated red-hot and then dipped in water. 27Wine can put new life into you if you drink it in moderation. What would life be like without it? Wine was created to make us happy. 28If you drink it in moderation and at the right time, it can lift your spirits and make you cheerful, 29but if you drink when you are angry and upset, it leads to headaches, embarrassment, and disgrace.[F] 30A drunken fool can lose his temper and hurt himself. His drinking makes him weak and an easy target for angry blows. 31Never rebuke a person when you have both been drinking. Don't hurt his feelings while he is having a good time. It's not the time to criticize anyone, or to ask him to pay back a debt.
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