The Confession of a Sufferer HEBREW TITLE: A psalm by David. 39 1I said, “I will be careful about what I do and will not let my tongue make me sin; I will not say anything while evil people are near.” 2I kept quiet, not saying a word, not even about anything good! But my suffering only grew worse, 3and I was overcome with anxiety. The more I thought, the more troubled I became; I could not keep from asking: 4“LORD, how long will I live? When will I die? Tell me how soon my life will end.”   5How short you have made my life! In your sight my lifetime seems nothing. Indeed every living being is no more than a puff of wind, 6no more than a shadow. All we do is for nothing; we gather wealth, but don't know who will get it.   7What, then, can I hope for, Lord? I put my hope in you. 8Save me from all my sins, and don't let fools make fun of me. 9I will keep quiet, I will not say a word, for you are the one who made me suffer like this. 10Don't punish me any more! I am about to die from your blows. 11You punish our sins by your rebukes, and like a moth you destroy what we love. Indeed we are no more than a puff of wind!   12Hear my prayer, LORD, and listen to my cry; come to my aid when I weep. Like all my ancestors I am only your guest for a little while. 13Leave me alone so that I may have some happiness before I go away and am no more.
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