A Prayer for Help HEBREW TITLE: A psalm by David. 12 1Help us, LORD! There is not a good person left; honest people can no longer be found. 2All of them lie to one another; they deceive each other with flattery.   3Silence those flattering tongues, O LORD! Close those boastful mouths that say, 4“With our words we get what we want. We will say what we wish, and no one can stop us.”   5“But now I will come,” says the LORD, “because the needy are oppressed and the persecuted groan in pain. I will give them the security they long for.”   6The promises of the LORD can be trusted; they are as genuine as silver refined seven times in the furnace.   787-8The wicked are everywhere, and everyone praises what is evil. Keep us always safe, O LORD, and preserve us from such people.
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