31 1I have made a solemn promise never to look with lust at a woman.   2What does Almighty God do to us? How does he repay human deeds? 3He sends disaster and ruin to those who do wrong. 4God knows everything I do; he sees every step I take.   5I swear I have never acted wickedly and never tried to deceive others. 6Let God weigh me on honest scales, and he will see how innocent I am. 7If I have turned from the right path or let myself be attracted to evil, if my hands are stained with sin, 8then let my crops be destroyed, or let others eat the food I grow.   9If I have been attracted to my neighbor's wife, and waited, hidden, outside her door, 10then let my wife cook another man's food and sleep in another man's bed. 11Such wickedness should be punished by death. 12It would be like a destructive, hellish fire, consuming everything I have.   13When any of my servants complained against me, I would listen and treat them fairly. 14If I did not, how could I then face God? What could I say when God came to judge me? 15The same God who created me created my servants also.   16 I have never refused to help the poor; never have I let widows live in despair 17or let orphans go hungry while I ate. 18All my life I have taken care of them.[K]   19When I found someone in need, too poor to buy clothes, 20I would give him clothing made of wool that had come from my own flock of sheep. Then he would praise me with all his heart.   21If I have ever cheated an orphan, knowing I could win in court, 22then may my arms be broken; may they be torn from my shoulders. 23Because I fear God's punishment, I could never do such a thing.   24 I have never trusted in riches 25or taken pride in my wealth. 26I have never worshiped the sun in its brightness or the moon in all its beauty. 27I have not been led astray to honor them by kissing my hand in reverence to them. 28Such a sin should be punished by death; it denies Almighty God.   29I have never been glad when my enemies suffered, or pleased when they met with disaster; 30I never sinned by praying for their death. 31All those who work for me know that I have always welcomed strangers. 32I invited travelers into my home and never let them sleep in the streets.   33Others try to hide their sins, but I have never concealed mine. 34I have never feared what people would say; I have never kept quiet or stayed indoors because I feared their scorn.   35Will no one listen to what I am saying? I swear that every word is true. Let Almighty God answer me.   If the charges my opponent brings against me were written down so that I could see them, 36I would wear them proudly on my shoulder and place them on my head like a crown. 37I would tell God everything I have done, and hold my head high in his presence.   38If I have stolen the land I farm and taken it from its rightful owners— 39if I have eaten the food that grew there but let the farmers that grew it starve— 40then instead of wheat and barley, may weeds and thistles grow.   The words of Job are ended.
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