5 1 Jerusalem, take off the clothes you have worn in your mourning and distress, and put on the eternal splendor of God's glory. 2Put around you the cloak of God's righteousness. Place on your head the crown of the glory of the Eternal God. 3God will show your splendor to every nation on earth. 4Forever he will say to you: “Your security comes from your righteousness, and your splendor from your devotion to me.”[C] 5Get up, Jerusalem, stand on the mountaintop; see where God, the Holy One, is bringing your children together from the east and from the west. They are rejoicing that God has remembered them. 6Jerusalem, your children were led away by their enemies; they left you on foot, but God is bringing them back to you, carried in royal splendor. 7God has commanded that every high mountain and the everlasting hills shall be made low; he has commanded that the valleys shall be filled and the ground leveled, so that the people of Israel may come safely home in the glory of God. 8At the command of God, forests of fragrant trees will spring up to provide shade for the people of Israel. 9God will lead Israel home. They will return with great joy, guided by his mercy and righteousness, surrounded by the light of his glorious presence.  
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