49 1THE memory of Josias is like the composition of a sweet smell made by the art of a perfumer: 2His remembrance shall be sweet as honey in every mouth, and as music at a banquet of wine. 3He was directed by God unto the repentance of the nation, and he took away the abominations of wickedness. 4And he directed his heart towards the Lord, and in the days of sinners he strengthened godliness. 5Except David, and Ezechias, and Josias, all committed sin. 6For the kings of Juda forsook the law of the most High, and despised the fear of God. 7So they gave their kingdom to others, and their glory to a strange nation. 8They burnt the chosen city of holiness, and made the streets thereof desolate according to the prediction of Jeremias. 9For they treated him evil, who was consecrated a prophet from his mother's womb, to overthrow, and pluck up, and destroy, and to build again, and renew. 10It was Ezechiel that saw the glorious vision, which was shewn him upon the chariot of cherubims. 11For he made mention of the enemies under the figure of rain, and of doing good to them that shewed right ways. 12And may the bones of the twelve prophets spring up out of their place: for they strengthened Jacob, and re- deemed themselves by strong faith. 13How shall we magnify Zorobabel? for he was as a signet on the right hand; 14In like manner Jesus the son of Josedec? who in their days built the house, and set up a holy temple to the Lord, prepared for everlasting glory. 15And let Nehemias be a long time remembered, who raised up for us our walls that were cast down, and set up the gates and the bars, who rebuilt our houses. 16No man was born upon earth like Henoch: for he also was taken up from the earth. 17Nor as Joseph, who was a man born prince of his brethren, the support of his family, the ruler of his brethren, the stay of the people: 18And his bones were visited, and after death they prophesied. 19Seth and Sem obtained glory among men: and above every soul Adam in the beginning.
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