Doing Helpful Things 3 1Remind your people to obey the rulers and authorities and not to be rebellious. They must always be ready to do something helpful 2and not say cruel things or argue. They should be gentle and kind to everyone. 3We used to be stupid, disobedient, and foolish, as well as slaves of all sorts of desires and pleasures. We were evil and jealous. Everyone hated us, and we hated everyone.   4God our Savior showed us how good and kind he is. 5He saved us because of his mercy, and not because of any good things we have done.   God washed us by the power of the Holy Spirit. He gave us new birth and a fresh beginning. 6God sent Jesus Christ our Savior to give us his Spirit.   7Jesus treated us much better than we deserve. He made us acceptable to God and gave us the hope of eternal life.   8 This message is certainly true. These teachings are useful and helpful for everyone. I want you to insist that the people follow them, so that all who have faith in God will be sure to do good deeds. 9But don't have anything to do with stupid arguments about ancestors. And stay away from disagreements and quarrels about the Law of Moses. Such arguments are useless and senseless. 10Warn troublemakers once or twice. Then don't have anything else to do with them. 11You know their minds are twisted, and their own sins show how guilty they are. Personal Instructions and Greetings 12 I plan to send Artemas or Tychicus to you. After he arrives, please try your best to meet me at Nicopolis. I have decided to spend the winter there. 13 When Zenas the lawyer and Apollos get ready to leave, help them as much as you can, so they won't have need of anything. 14Our people should learn to spend their time doing something useful and worthwhile. 15Greetings to you from everyone here. Greet all of our friends who share in our faith. I pray that the Lord will be kind to all of you!
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