(A psalm by David and a song for the music leader.) God Answers Prayer 65 1Our God, you deserve[Z] praise in Zion, where we keep our promises to you. 2Everyone will come to you because you answer prayer. 3When our sins get us down, you forgive us. 4You bless your chosen ones, and you invite them to live near you in your temple. We will enjoy your house, the sacred temple.   5Our God, you save us, and your fearsome deeds answer our prayers for justice! You give hope to people everywhere on earth, even those across the sea. 6You are strong, and your mighty power put the mountains in place. 7You silence the roaring waves and the noisy shouts of the nations. 8People far away marvel at your fearsome deeds, and all who live under the sun celebrate and sing because of you.   9You take care of the earth and send rain to help the soil grow all kinds of crops. Your rivers never run dry, and you prepare the earth to produce abundant grain. 10You water all its fields and level the lumpy ground. You send showers of rain to soften the soil and help the plants sprout. 11Wherever your footsteps touch the earth, a rich harvest is gathered. 12Desert pastures blossom, and mountains celebrate. 13Meadows are filled with sheep and goats; valleys overflow with grain and echo with joyful songs.
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